• Yasaman Ramazani

You have all resources within you!

For a long time, I did not know what it meant to be myself! I was hearing all over the social media market of self-development: ‘be authentic, be yourself’! Being a trained scientist, I needed a protocol to do that! So how am I actually gonna be myself?

As months were passing by and I was wallowing in my self-development world, trying every day to be myself while being confused what that actually meant, I made encounters with people who showed me how my trying too hard to fit in the box of ‘being myself’ was so not being myself!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not devaluing the self-development field, on the contrary, I believe in the power of knowledge but what I find confusing and potentially detrimental, is losing ourselves to the gurus. If we find the ‘right way to

live’, by pursuing the protocols of self-development and not be grounded in ourselves, we can lose our authenticity rather than gaining it! We can lose ourselves into fitting in the box of that men or women’s tips and tricks, get overwhelmed and lose our own strength and values!

I lost myself in the self-development world and I don’t think I’m the only one! In this information flood, who do we listen to and what about all the unconscious choices that social media are leading us to make? In the end, in trying to ‘live smart’, don’t we close ourselves to the possibilities that will create our experiences and shape us to who we truly are?

These days everyone is talking about evading the matrix, and being authentic but is all this new knowledge not bringing us to a new matrix where we are again controlled, manipulated and decided for?

There is an essence in being human, feeling emotions, creating experiences and living life with all it unfolds! Even grief, hardships and obstacles, give us the contrast that we need, to be able to feel joy and not conceptualize it as a mental construct! Living smart, might give us efficiency, higher status or many more external merits but what does it do to our hearts? Why do we have to listen to lectures to remember that vulnerability is courage while, before in our communities, we would naturally share our vulnerability without overthinking it! We’re all wounded, that’s the irony of being smart!

Going about life with all our heart, can reconnect us to our essence, to why we are here and to meaningful connections and deeper perspectives!

In my coaching practice at coachingflow, I wish to empower my clients to connect to their source of wisdom and inspiration and take joy in living their true selves!

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